Dietrich Fischer 1941-2015

Fischertag 8 Sep 2001

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my father, Dietrich Fischer. He passed peacefully on Sunday 18 October at 1:20pm surrounded by family and his favorite music.

My father was famous for his jokes, he loved to make people laugh. It might be difficult now, but I’m sure he expects us to get back to laughing again quite soon.

-Albert Fischer

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  1. So sad. But we celebrate the life of an academic, a peace lover and maker, a man of great humour and who worked for the good of humanity.
    The Angels in heaven will enjoy his jokes and stories.

    Fare thee well, Dietrich. Till we meet again.

  2. “Every contribution is valuable”. This is what Dietrich told me , at a critical juncture in my life, twenty years ago.
    This has been my maxime ever since.

  3. Dietrich is a model for us all, peace workers. He shall be missed. I remember his kind words of encouragement, his attention for detail, his welcoming attitude, his honesty and humour. I am sad he left us, but I am happy to have had the honour of meeting him.

  4. People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if their light is from within and Dietrich Fischer is among few of them!!!

    He is the most sweetest, most humble, kind and most dedicated person I have ever come across. He was like a father figure to all the students at EPU and personally today I have lost one mentor who had such profound impact on my life. We will miss your emails on Valentines Day and all those stories (which is one gift you have given to each of us). We will try our best to replicate as much as we can!!!

    Rest in Peace Dietrich and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  5. Deeply sorry for the loss of a great human being.

    In fact, its not only your family´s lost but the whole humanity and Peace Lovers in the world! May he rest in peace!!!

    A warm hug from Cabo Verde

  6. Thank you dear Dieter for giving me an immense heritage of laughter and good humor, a deluge of unforgettable memories, an assets of revolutionary teachings and an unshakable faith in a possible positive future.
    Filled with gratitude and affection for you,

    your student, colleague, friend,

    erika degortes

  7. Aksanti Sana! Thanks you Dietrich for your work and inspiration , you instilled in me and many others. May your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

  8. Dietrich was a great mentor. Filled with a great sense of homour was he. Humble and pleasant he inspired everyone around him. No one remembers EPU without him. A star has left the world, but his vitues remain to live. May the soul of Dietrich rest in eternal peace.

  9. I have hardly known someone more peaceful and concerned not only with the field of peace studies, but also with the people next to him. Dieter was a good friend. His loss is a huge one to everybody he loved and inspired for contributions to positive peace in the world. Farewell Dieter.

  10. Transcend and the World Peace Academy in Basel have been some of the many engagements in the field of peace studies in Dieters life. We lost an active, competent and very lovely capacity. May your soul rest in peace.

  11. I am so sorry to hear from you that Dieter was passed away. He is still young in his seventies. I just cannot believe it.
    Dieter is a very nice people. I believe the world is more beautiful with his attending. He was so dedicated to peace study and he believed that world peace would finally come true with his and his friends’ effort.
    Although I love peace but feel so helpless with personal power. However, Dieter was an idealist and was full of passion to pursue any tiny hope for peace and peace study. Therefore I always doubt whether I am older than Dieter? During last twenty years, Dieter was a model for his students that one should persist in his/her belief, and insist on doing something for it. I will contribute to the Transcend as memorial for Dieter and hope young people can take over his jobs and fulfil his wishes.

    Min XU

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