Funeral and Memorial service: 2 November 2015

With sadness but with beautiful memories, we bid farewell to

In 2006

Dietrich Max Fischer
22 September 1941 – 18 October 2015

A funeral and memorial service for Dietrich will be held Monday 2 November 2015 in Münsingen, Switzerland, his birthplace and childhood hometown:

10:30 Funeral
Friedhof Münsingen, starting in the Aufbahrungshalle (mortuary)
entrance at the corner of Eichenweg and Löwenmattweg, or opposite Bernstrasse 37

followed at about 11:00 by a Memorial Service
Schlossgut Gemindesaal

a lunch buffet will be offered after the Memorial Service

RSVP please to Dieter’s son Albert by e-mail to

Dietrich was very attached to his many students over the years. Memorial contributions can be made to support tuition at Transcend Peace University through this donations page »

Travelling to Münsingen

The closest airports are Zürich (ZRH) and Basel (BSL). Münsingen can be reached by train with a change in Bern in less than two hours from each airport. Hotels can be found in Bern (less than 15 minutes away by train). In Münsingen, the cemetery is a 15 minute walk from the train station (1 km), and the Schlossgut is a few minutes walk (250 m) from the train station.

Dietrich Fischer 1941-2015

Fischertag 8 Sep 2001

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my father, Dietrich Fischer. He passed peacefully on Sunday 18 October at 1:20pm surrounded by family and his favorite music.

My father was famous for his jokes, he loved to make people laugh. It might be difficult now, but I’m sure he expects us to get back to laughing again quite soon.

-Albert Fischer

Obituary by Christina Spännar & Jan Oberg


“Our dear friend and TFF Associate since 1985, Professor Dietrich Fischer, died today… Christina and I are very sad tonight. But tomorrow we will smile and feel how thankful we are to have met someone like you, dear Dietrich, worked with you and had you as a dear friend and colleague for over 30 years.”

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Message from Johan Galtung

Dear Members of Transcend–many you proposed by Dieter!–my dear friend, co-founder of Transcend in 1993 with myself and Fumiko Nishimura left us today after a short hospital stay in coma, basically due to his diabetes for many years.

Very competent in mathematics, modeling and economics he was for many years a professor in New York, till early retirement and full dedication to Transcend, first from Basel, in Switzerland, then in Germany; particularly responsible for Transcend University Press and as  board member for Transcend as a whole.

He was deeply committed to peace and expressed very often his happiness at working for peace rather than for the economic growth built into economics.  But he also found a very important in-between  field of specialization:  the economics of disarmament.  His basic work, however, was on Karl Menger and strength as being strong in oneself, not in the sense of over others.  He applied this to military power, contrasting the Swiss strategy from 1971 of very high defensive strength with neither intent nor capability to attack others, nor as reaction to attack..  Swss history goes far to illustrate  the validity of this thesis.

Dear, dear Dieter–you are deeply missed.  But my mind turns from sadness to gratitude to you for our wonderful friendship–40 good years of cooperation with no quarrel!  You often referred to yourself as phlegmatic, unperturbed by the ups and downs of reality–including our little Transcend part of it–taking problems as they came, having the long term perspective, as we gained in experience.  Countless were the dialogues between us, mutual questioning and learning, never debates to prove oneself right.

Let us celebrate your life while deploring that you are no longer among us, in deep gratitude for all you did to inspire and help–and for peace in general.

your friend  Johan