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  1. A life well lived is a blessing to all and I am a product of that well lived life of Prof. Dietrich.

    I was one of those lucky students who benefited from the big and beautiful heart of Dietrich.

    When I got stuck at EPU, Dietrich took me to the Austrian immigration office and convinced them to give me a residence permit so that I would go back home to get visa to come. He knew I would not come back so he needed to do something to help!

    Dietrich trusted me to the extend that he lend me money to complete my studies at EPU, he told me many African and Asian student whom he had helped never paid back his money.

    I made a promise to him that as soon as I get a job, I will pay and indeed God blessed me with a job and paid this money after one year. Blessed is the hands that gives!

    Without Dietrich I would have been what I am today, his memory will forever live with me.

    Fabiola and I send the family and friends our deepest sympathies from Puerto Rico.
    With much respect and love,

    Irene Dawa

  2. I met Dietrich back in early 2000s while attending at EPU University in Stadtschlaining ( Austria). He was one of the best personalities I ever seen in my life:
    -Very humble
    -Very inspiring
    -Very generous/selfless personality
    -Always ready to help.
    A personal touch in all of these, with other friend, he saved my life when I was in an imminent danger.
    I am who I am today, because of him.
    I am where I am and prospecting day by day, because of Dietrich Fischer.
    He was like a father to me, he bought me clothes and warm winter gloves ( I still kept for more than 10 years now as the best souvenirs from his kindness and care).
    Now, he left us, with sadness, but he led the way to peace, and I personally will always cherish what he taught me, and follow his footprints for peace.
    May his soul rest in peace, may his family be strengthened than ever.
    Thank you Pr.Dr.Dietrich Fischer.
    You are gone, but never will be forgotten.
    Dr.Claude R Shema,MD.Msc.PhD(c).

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